Cashback (Risk-Free) Bonuses

Cashback (and some risk-free) bonuses

RISK-FREE (CASHBACK) BONUSES are rare, yet very exciting to play with! With this type of promotion the rules differ very little, if any, between different casinos. With risk-free bonuses you deposit a certain amount into a casino the day that you join them. This amount is normally about $50. The rules stipulate that you can wager this money as much or as little as you want during the next 24 hours. If you end up ahead you get to keep your winnings and you may cash out as if you didn't «really» receive a promotion. However, if you lose, they will refund the amount of your losses up to $50.00 – this is where the promotional aspect of the offer kicks-in.

Unfortunately it is very hard to find real RISK-FREE promotions now. Some casinos offer to return just part of the player’s losses. It's more like a cashback nowadays.

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