Casino Language you should Familiarize Yourself With

Casino language and slang is one of the important aspects of gambling.. It makes playing online casino games is fun and interesting. However, the problem comes when you have no idea about what you are doing.

The advantage of online casinos over land casinos is that you can pause and google a little. But, with land casinos, once you go inside you are totally lost.

There are a lot of real money slots online which have their own specific language. This means that you will have a lot of learning and researching.

Therefore, here is some of the casino language that you should at least get a hang of.

  • Bankroll- A bankroll is the total amount you are planning to wager at the online casino. Make sure the amount of money you budget does not go beyond your means.
  • Betting Limits- the name is self-explanatory. It is the maximum and minimum amount you are allowed to wager on a certain game.
  • Toke- This casino language term is mainly used in land casinos and not online casinos. It refers to the tip you give to the dealer. Tips are not mandatory but are still very important in land casinos so try to spare one chip to give the dealer as a Toke.
  • Colour Up- if you ever feel like wanting to bet more but your chips are of a lower denomination you can “colour up”. Mainly, it is the exchanging of lower denomination chips for those of a higher one.
  • Double Down- This term is mainly used for card games. After placing your bet, you can increase the bet two times the first one by doubling down.
  • Eye in the Sky- land casinos cannot use blockchain technology. Therefore they put video surveillance around the casino to monitor the games. In case you were wondering, they do monitor every move, so do not be caught slipping.

In order to have more fun and avoid confusion, you should try to get familiar with casino language.