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Gambling Books

People gamble to win. Some people think that winnings are results of pure luck, but this is not absolutely true. Of course luck is a very important factor, but the skilled gambler will always perform better than the unskilled one. Some people even become gambling professionals and they earn a living by gambling. If you want to improve your chances to win and reduce the amount of money lost you should study. The cheapest and the most convenient way to learn is through reading. A good gambling book costs about $10-20 (or 2 times less for e-book), but it will allow you to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

For the list of the best gambling books go to Amazon. Though I should say that the best thing you would understand from the books: there is no lossless strategy or any guaranteed way to win. You can increase your chances in some games using optimal strategies, you can try to turn odds in your favor using advanced technics like card counting, but you can't beat slots or roulette in the long run, only luck can help you there.

Gambling Software

Reading books is the first step on the improvement ladder. The second step is practice. You can immediately go to a casino (real or online it doesn’t matter) and practice some things you’ve just read, but it’s not the best way in my opinion. Without practice you’ll make errors and it can cost you lots of money. Luckily there is an easy way to improve your knowledge and practice simultaneously, this way is to use gambling software.

Most of the gambling programs have tutorials that can be used instead of books to get necessary information about the games. But the main purpose of gambling software is practice. Players can play the game he/she wants to master and get useful tips from software about the best way to play, your chances, etc. Gambling software is usually a little bit more expensive than books, but again, if you gamble a lot it pays to buy software and practice (you can also just download free software at any casino and play there “For Fun”, but nobody will correct your errors and give you useful information). If you wan to purchase casino games for training, the easiest way is to use Amazon.

The Best Video Poker Software

WinPoker (aka Bob Dencer presents WinPoker) – software from Video Poker expert and writer Bob Dancer. It offers to train you and improve your skills with 23 Video Poker variations, all available in 3, 4, 5 and 10 lines versions! You can easily learn basic strategy for any game. Free demo version available, $30.

Video Poker Coach – this comparatively new but nice-looking and advanced program allows you to improve your skills with thorough play analysis. Free demo version available, $30. Also available Video Poker Calculator, that allows advanced players to find odds for any cards combination in any Video Poker game.

The Best Blackjack Software

Casino Verite Blackjack – probably the most comprehensive Blackjack software. It allows users to choose any possible set of rules and find out house advantage and basic strategy. Program includes long list of card counting strategies and allows user to practice them. Free demo version available, $90. Reduced functionality versions for a lesser price are available, also available Blackjack simulator and Pai Gow Poker program.

Statistical Blackjack Analyzer – allows you to run a simulation with billions of hands for any set of rules. As a result you’ll get comprehensive statistics with basic strategy and indexes for all popular card counting techniques. Extremely useful tool for players, which play at many casinos with different rules.

Blackjack 2021 – made especially for online gamblers. You run it while playing Blackjack online and it tells you how to play your hands. You do not need to count cards, remember basic strategy and indexes, Blackjack 2021 will do it for you.

The Best Other Games Software

Ultimate Craps – program allows you to practice Craps. You can find the most profitable bets with Craps. Free demo version available, $15.

Roulette Xtreme – allows players to test their roulette systems. Program will run a simulation up to several millions of spins and give you results. Free trial version available, $25.