A Guide to Casino Gaming

It’s believed that most casino games originated from China thousands of years ago, the chips for casino games are still manufactured in China today, however, in modern history official gambling was legalised (and outlawed again and then re-legalised) during the early 20th century throughout the state of Nevada in the US with the opening of the Hotel Nevada which then went onto be the Golden Gate Casino and also was home to the biggest roulette bet.

Within a casino there are generally three types of games, table games such as roulette, blackjack and poker, electronic gaming machines such as slot machines and then random number ticket games such as lottery style games as keno or bingo. You might want to experience online version of these games at Casinodames.

Table games are usually the most popular type of casino games with blackjack usually being number one. Blackjack is based on the US game Twenty-One. Players play against the dealer rather than each other although a game can have a number of players in it. The aim is to get to Twenty One using a pack of cards where the face cards, King, Queen, Jack are valued at ten, number cards valued as per the card and an ace being valued at either one or eleven. Blackjack was by far the most played game around and with several different variants too.

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games too. Played as a table game players place bets on numbers whether they be odd or even, a single number or a group of numbers, a high or a low number and then the player must choose a colour too either red or black. The croupier spins the wheel and when the wheel slows down the ball will end up on falling in to one of the thirty seven cloured pockets.

Poker was introduced around the 18th century and is one of the most popular casino table games played with cards. It is a game requiring strategic thinking and planning and immense skill. The game can last several hours depending on the number of players but also the intensity of the game or as short as one hour. Poker can now be played in casinos, at home or online.

Keno is a random number ticket game played at casinos. Players place their wager by choosing numbers usually between one and eighty and around twenty numbers are drawn either with a random number generator machine or a ball machine similar to those used for lotteries and bingo. The amount the player is paid depends on the amount of numbers chosen and the original bet. The house edge, the percentage the casino makes in relation to the percentage the player loses, in keno is generally between 4% and over 35%. A typical house edge for a non slot machine game is usually under 5%.

In every casino you will see aisles and aisles of slot machines. Players will sit for hours playing the slots waiting in anticipation for the sound of the jackpot spilling out of the machine. The slots are the sound and light of any casino with their noises and music playing from the machines.