Percentage Bonuses

50% and below casinos bonuses

A PERCENTAGE BONUS is exactly what it sounds like. You make a deposit at a casino and they will give you bonus chips based on the amount of that deposit. There is a great deal of these offers – this is kind of the «last resort» bonus that many casinos offer when they really don't want to offer a promotion, but know that they must offer something to encourage new players to join. The percentage bonuses can be for only the first deposit that a player makes, or it could be a small amount for EVERY deposit!

This amount varies from as low as 5% to as high as 50%. In fact, some casinos offer multiple bonuses – a fixed rate or a percentage – giving you whichever one will reward you the most when you make a deposit. (Usually the higher deposit will reward you with a percentage bonus.)

As with the fixed-rate bonuses, the terms of receiving and withdrawing the percentage bonuses can vary greatly. Some casinos only require that you wager the amount of the bonus, some require that you wager the purchase before you receive the bonus, and then the bonus afterwards. Some casinos will award this bonus immediately upon your deposit, while some require you to request it and take a few days to credit your bonus. As always, the exact procedure and terms for the bonus will be outlined with great detail on the casino information page. If you have a large bankroll that you want/intend to wager with, this type of bonus would be your favorite because the amounts that you receive depend solely on your deposit, and most casinos set the maximum amount for percentage bonuses upwards of $250 each! Often they even INCREASE in percentage the more you deposit!

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